2020 Holy Land Trip - Day 1, Leaving USA and Arriving in Tel Aviv
Holy Lands 2020 - Day 2, Good morning from Galilee!
Tel Dan overlooking Lebanon
Syrian border... Mount Bental
Morning drive through the Golan Heights past Mt. Hermon
Holy Lands 2020 - Day 3, Good morning, all! Off to the Sea of Galilee
Church of the Primacy of Peter/Sea of Galilee
Mount of the Beatitudes
Ride down to Jericho and Mt of the Temptation
Day 4 - Morning at Masada
Jordan River and A late afternoon swim in the Dead Sea for some. (No pics posted. That's for each one to decide to post.) Others opted for some other fun. I found a good cup of Turkish coffee, so life is good.
Day 5 - Church of Nativity and Manger Square
Shepherds fields and settlement discussion
Yad Vashem (Holocaust) Museum
Day 6 - Banksy's Walled Off Hotel
Arab American University, Ramallah and the ride back to Jerusalem.
Day 7 - Garden of Gethsemane and Church for All Nations
Mount of Olives
Old City of Jerusalem
Garden Tomb