Home Worship

This page is designed to assist you with our 8:15 a.m. Sunday worship during our safe-distancing period throughout our Nation. This will contain the worship bulletin and hymns for the service. 

To worship via FaceBook Live, click here

FaceBook Live:  Please know this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. We will be focusing on sound first and then will work to include quality video. You can access from our facebook page or from the link on our website (where it had been in the past), even if you do not have a Facebook Account! We are so grateful for many generous persons who donated above and beyond their weekly tithe to provide the materials for this project. Feel free to give input as we go to help us out, but be gentle for a few weeks til we work out some of the kinks. Praise God for another opportunity to share the Good News, even in these unusual times! (July 24, 2020)