Children/Youth Sunday School

Crib and Young Children’s Nursery:
In our clean and well equipped nursery, love and care are provided for infants and children up to four years of age during Sunday School and both of our Sunday worship services.  Each Sunday these children enjoy singing, crafts and learning about Jesus during the church school hour. The nursery is staffed during the two worship hours by paid staff who care deeply about our small ones.

Enthusiastic children who are four and five (up to kindergarten) enjoy making crafts, listening to Bible stories, singing, and playing with one another each Sunday in a loving atmosphere. The children may join the nursery staff for activities during the worship services.

Kindergarten and Grade One:
The goal for these children is to develop a basic understanding of Jesus, his life, and Church and Family relationships. Class time includes crafts, singing, cooperative play and take home leaflet.

Grades Two and Three:
Each Sunday, children share a fun-filled hour learning about Jesus and how to live everyday lives through activities, crafts, music and stories. Upon promotion into second grade, students receive Bibles from the church.

Grades Four through Five:
During the Sunday School hour, these students will use quarterly units which focus on the bible. The goals for students are: to expect God to speak to them through the Scriptures; to live in response to the good news they find in Scripture; and to feel a part of a people who identify themselves with Scripture.

Youth Class (Sixth through Twelve):
“GORILLAS” – “God Offers Redemption in Intelligence, Life and Love for the Acceptance of Salvation”. This class is for 6th-12th grade, and follows a devised curriculum by Cokesbury. The curriculum consist of a variety of different topics driven and geared toward life and social skills, backed and supported  by scripture for teens understanding.  Class takes place in the Youth Room during regular Sunday school hour and is led by Daun Williamson and Rob Hosier.