Adult Sunday School

These classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30 – 10:30

 The Cave Dwellers (meeting in “The Cave”, room 136)
The Cave Dwellers is an adult class ranging in age from twenty-something to seventy-something! We choose Biblically based studies or books that encourage us to deepen our faith in God and strengthen us on our daily walk as Christians. We are a group that loves to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously, but most importantly, we are a source of support and friendship for each other. All are welcome to join us!

 The E.G.G.S. Class (Eclectic Group Gathering & Sharing – meeting in the Scout Room)
This adult class is a variety of good eggs, usually sunny-side up, sometimes over-easy, occasionally scrambled but seldom cracked. We are a discussion-oriented group studying a range of Biblically-based Christian topics dealing with life and faith issues celebrating new life in Jesus. You can’t beat us. That is no yoke. Our door is always open.

 The Staggered Starters (meeting in rooms 114/115)
A mixed group of people that range in age from 13-78.  We spend time reading and studying the Bible.  We also share in discussion about other topics that are of interest to the class.  All are welcome – but be prepared to laugh, listen, and love.

 The Prouty Class (meeting in room 6)
This class consists of middle age, “Young at Heart” people that love Jesus Christ. Study materials are the Bible and other related resources. Good discussion regarding everyday problems is also shared.
 The Risk Takers (meeting in “The Lodge”, room 8)
The purpose of this Young Adult group is to be challenged to partner with Christ to become people of faith through action and service to our church and community.

 The Living Bible Class (meeting in room 7)
An adult class studying the Bible, social problems and local issues. The ages of the participants vary widely. Aside from the weekly lessons, the group members strive to help one another with personal problems of any nature.

 FROGS Fellowship Class (Fully Rely On God – meeting in room 10/11)
An adult class of Christians using a variety of resources to grow in faith and in discipleship. Prayer is an important ingredient in the group’s weekly study time.

– Searchers Class (meeting in room 9)
Using Answers Bible Curriculum, our class welcomes those who want to learn what the Bible says. Bring your Bible and be ready to search the Word. We strive to present the gospel, beginning in Genesis, and to train believers to know, obey, and defend God’s Word. We welcome everyone to our class.